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Explore MYSO Finance's Zero-Liquidation P2P Loans with LUSD and LQTY

Explore MYSO Finance's Zero-Liquidation P2P Loans with LUSD and LQTY


November 5, 2023

Liquity Protocol’s stablecoin LUSD and the protocol’s revenue-capturing token LQTY have been integrated by MYSO Finance in their recently launched v2 P2P borrowing platform. This integration marks another milestone, propelling forward the vision of accessible, innovative financial solutions on Ethereum.

Liquity Meets MYSO: A collaboration empowering users

MYSO, renowned for its zero-liquidation peer-to-peer (P2P) loan protocol, listed LUSD and LQTY, unleashing a host of new functionalities for the Liquity community. This integration allows LUSD and LQTY holders to lend or borrow against each other, or against every other collateral on the platform. 

For example, LQTY holders can now leverage their tokens to borrow LUSD, establishing a fluid ecosystem where the advantages of both tokens are magnified. Or do the exact opposite by borrowing LQTY against LUSD collateral. 

Check out this step-by-step video guide on how MYSO v2 works

How do the loans work?

If you take out a loan on MYSO, you won't have to worry about your assets being liquidated if the market goes down; interest rates do not change unexpectedly either! The best way to find a lender would be direct contact with someone you know, or someone from the Liquity community. You can post on either our Discord or the Myso Discord on what approx. loan conditions you’d like to get so that there is a tailored offer that fits both sides.

As someone offering a loan, you have the chance to use your knowledge of the market and your network to make deals in areas where there's not much competition. You can also make special loan proposals for people you know in the community.

For LQTY Holders: Unleash the borrowing potential of Your tokens

As a holder of LQTY, MYSO empowers you to unlock borrowing power of your tokens. The process is simple and transparent with fixed terms, and it's designed to operate without the fear of liquidation risks. This is a game-changer for those seeking LUSD stablecoin stability and liquidity without sacrificing the potential of their LQTY holdings.

For LUSD Holders: A new avenue to yield

LUSD holders are not left out of this new borrowing venue. MYSO's platform offers the ability to craft and extend loan offers, turning the stablecoin into a tool for yield generation. This proactive approach to lending is not just a passive income stream but a direct contribution to the vitality and versatility of the Liquity ecosystem.

MYSO's ecosystem tools: Empowering informed decisions

MYSO doesn't just stop at creating a lending platform; it goes a step further by providing tools that assist lenders in structuring their loans with confidence:

Loan Risk Tool: Navigate the risk landscape with a historical backtesting tool that helps you understand the implications of different loan-to-value ratios and terms. You can try MYSO Finance’s historical backtesting tool here

Loan Pricing Tool: Grounded in the Black-Scholes model, this tool aids in determining fair, risk-adjusted interest rates, ensuring lenders are compensated appropriately for the risks they undertake. You can check it out here

The MYSO Finance: Key highlights

  • No Liquidation Risk: Borrow with higher confidence, as MYSO removes the specter of liquidations that loom over traditional collateralized borrowing.
  • Fixed APRs: Enjoy predictable costs with fixed APRs, ensuring no surprises when it comes to loan repayment.
  • No Counterparty Risk: P2P lending on MYSO mitigates the risk of counterparty default, a common concern not only in traditional finance but in DeFi, too. 
  • Oracle Independence: With no reliance on external price feeds, loans on MYSO stand robust against the volatility and chance of possible oracle price manipulation.


With MYSO's vision to democratize lending and Liquity's commitment to user empowerment and decentralization, this integration is a leap toward a more inclusive and efficient DeFi ecosystem. We invite our community to explore this new frontier and harness the new potential of LQTY and LUSD.

MYSO Finance’s website does a good job educating users on how to use the platform, but also on potential risks. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of P2P loans with MYSO and check their dApp at