Liquity is LIVE on Ethereum mainnet!

Meet the team

We are growing fast, if you share the same vision and values we'd love to hear from you.

Michael Svoboda
Previously CEO and COO at several blockchain companies. Degree in computer science and economics.
Head of Research
Robert Lauko
Founder of Liquity. Ph.D. in Law. Previously Researcher at DFINITY.
Lead Engineer
Rick Pardoe
Co-Founder of Liquity. Degrees in Physics and Economics. Solidity developer.
Head of Development
Bingen Eguzkitza
Backend Developer. Degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy. One of the main contributors to Aragon.
Software Engineer
Dániel Attila Simon
Frontend Developer. Senior Software developer with 10 years+ experience. Previously at Cognex.
Head of Product
Colin Platt
Background in structured products and crypto. Loves building new things and solving problems. Adept in Solidity and backend development.
Head of Growth
Max Fiege
Stablecoin obsessive. DeFi market participant and commentator. Previously wore suits, may or may not do so again.
Frontend Developer
Pierre Bertet
UI Developer who loves open source and decentralization. Previously at Aragon.
Head of Marketing & Comms
Samrat Lekhak
Growth and Biz Specialist who has worked in various different software companies. Passionate Etherean who believes in a decentralized future.
Bojan Peček
Wears many hats. Lives on Twitter.


Venture Investor
Cédric Waldburger
Cédric Waldburger invests in early-stage technology companies through his venture capital firm Tomahawk.VC. Prior to that, he built companies in the agency, consumer and blockchain sector.