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Liquity Newsletter — August 2021

Liquity Newsletter — August 2021

Kolten Bergeron

September 1, 2021

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Protocol Overview


Throughout August, Liquity’s total number of Troves continued its uptrend that started after the ETH crash on May 19. Since August 1, ~100 new Troves have started positions in response to ETH’s positive market sentiment. If the ETH price / Total Collateral Ratio of Liquity is a worthy indicator, users seem to be risk on again as of mid-August: 



Due to the uptick in Troves and increase in borrowing activity, protocol revenue also grew from $13.1M in July to $14.3M in August, meaning Liquity generated >$1M in protocol revenue this past month. 

Integration Updates

  • B.Protocol launched V2 of the protocol alongside a Liquity integration. In short, B.Protocol automatically converts ETH back to LUSD for Liquity’s Stability Pool providers and deposits it back to the Stability Pool. Use it here
  • In collaboration with B.Protocol, Pickle Finance launched a new Jar that combines B.Protocol’s auto-compounding with their LQTY Jar — enabling users to auto-compound their Stability Pool rewards and LQTY staking rewards. Use it here
  • Liquity is now live on Instadapp! Users can now open Troves (up to 10x leverage), deposit to the Stability Pool, and stake LQTY through the Instadapp interface. As a bonus, Instadapp’s Trove owners will also receive INST (Instadapp’s governance token) rewards based on the size of their Trove. Get started here
  • DeFi Saver now allows users to create a leveraged Liquity Trove in one transaction. Just enter the ETH amount, set a leverage level, and create. Info here
  • LUSD’s Chainlink price feed is now live on Ethereum mainnet. This opens up LUSD for integrations with money markets such as Aave, Compound, CREAM, Rari, and others. Find the contract here

Content Updates

  • Liquity’s CEO and Founder, Robert Lauko, was brought on to the Mission: DeFi podcast to discuss how Liquity works, governance in DeFi, and more. Listen here
  • Robert also participated in the “Regulations Stifles Innovation” panel during the online event REIMAGINE v.10.0. The panel included speakers from Tellor, Ampleforth, and Synthetix. They discussed how they started in crypto, regulations, different projects, and exciting things in the blockchain space. Watch it here
  • To celebrate the launch of B.Protocol’s Liquity integration, Robert and Kolten hosted a live discussion with the B.Protocol team to discuss their V2 launch, why they chose Liquity, and more. Watch it here
  • Software Engineer at Liquity, Daniel Simon, published How EIP-1559 changes the transaction fees of Ethereum shortly after the network upgrade went live. The post sheds light on how users' parameter choices can impact the actual costs of the transaction and its chances of getting mined. Read it here
  • Derrick published a tutorial covering how to earn Stability Pool rewards using B.Protocol V2. Read it here
  • Derrick created a diagram that shows how a Maker to Liquity migration works on DeFi Saver. View it here
  • Derrick published a tutorial covering how to earn rewards using PowerPool’s Yearn Lazy Ape Index. Read it here
  • AngelDAO released a video series teaching viewers how to build a Liquity liquidation bot in Rust. Watch it here
  • Derrick published the final installment of the Liquity vs MakerDAO series. It covers the differences in liquidation efficiency, borrowing parameters, the DAI Savings Rate and Stability Pool, and LQTY / MKR use cases. Read it here

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