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Liquity Newsletter — January 2021

Liquity Newsletter — January 2021

Kolten Bergeron

February 4, 2021

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter 🎉

In this newsletter we’ll be sharing updates regarding Liquity (and our ecosystem) on a regular cadence. If you’d like these sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the mailing list on our website.

Development Update

A lot has been going on behind the scenes in terms of development since we published our whitepaper in May 2020. Our team has been working on a number of protocol improvements and refinements.

The most important enhancement for borrowers is that the loss incurred in case of a liquidation is now always capped at 10% of the collateral, even if the system is in Recovery Mode. Further changes include:

  • Out-of-order and batch liquidations
  • Redesign of Recovery Mode
  • Gas Compensation and Liquidation Reserve
  • Mitigation of loss-evasion by Stability Providers
  • Redemptions
  • Fee slippage protection
  • Oracle logic enhancement

We’re finalizing the new version of our whitepaper and will publish it very soon along with an explanatory blog post. Stay tuned!

Trail of Bits Audit

In January we shared the results of our extensive audit with Trail of Bits.

You can find the full report here.

New Website Launch

We’ve given a new look and have added significantly more content across its pages. We’ve also released our early documentation and FAQs — available here. The documentation repository will be opened for contributions in the near future.

If you have feedback or notice any issues, please join our Discord and get in touch.

Content Update

Last month we released two videos on our YouTube channel:

We also released a blog post — Liquity Runs on Decentralized Frontends that provides more information on running a frontend.

Liquity‘s 5th Virtual Office Hour

We hosted our 5th Office Hour on Jan. 27 — thanks to everyone who attended! You can watch a recording here.

We answered community questions and covered a variety of topics including new changes to Recovery Mode, a content update, and FAQs regarding frontends.

Reminder: Office Hours are open to everyone. If you want to attend our next call, keep an eye on Twitter or Discord.

Resources: Website | Twitter | Discord | Github