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Liquity Newsletter — June 2021

Liquity Newsletter — June 2021

Kolten Bergeron

July 12, 2021

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Protocol Overview

Source: Dune Analytics

Despite the choppy crypto market, Liquity’s TVL continued to grow at a steady pace through June — adding an additional ~67,000 ETH collateral and >150 new Troves.

Source: Dune Analytics

In the May newsletter, protocol revenue was at ~$12.3M and has since crossed $12.9M, meaning ~$600k in revenue was distributed to LQTY stakers in June.

Source: Dune Analytics

Speaking of revenue, Liquity frontends have generated over 55,000 LQTY (>$300,000) in revenue from Stability Providers since launch. In other words, $100,000 per month (at current prices) has been distributed to Frontend Operators via Liquity’s “kickback rate”.

Hiring Update

In June 2021 we hired Derrick as our Community Manager. Derrick has been a community member and moderator since before the Liquity launch helping with support, community efforts, and various types of content.

With Derrick’s help, we’ll be able to increase the amount of community-oriented content we publish and expand our ecosystem efforts. We’re excited to have him on board full-time!

Integration Updates

Content Updates

  • Liquity CEO and Founder, Robert Lauko, spoke on the Liquidity Wars: How to Enable Better Capital Efficiency for DeFi panel at the Global DeFi Summit. Watch the recording here.
  • Robert published a blog post outlining his thoughts around LUSD’s usage, Liquity’s redemption mechanism, and LUSD’s peg. Read it here.
  • Robert joined Economics Design to discuss how Liquity’s mechanisms work, how to mint LUSD, what the LQTY token is, how stability is maintained, and opinions of the system. Watch it here.
  • DeFi Slate published a podcast with Robert and I where we discussed Liquity’s growth, the ETH flippening, the future of DeFi, and more. Listen here.
  • Our Community Manager, Derrick, posted part one of his series comparing key differences between Liquity and MakerDAO. Read it here.
  • Hack Money 2021 by ETHGlobal took place in June and I hosted an Introduction to Liquity workshop. Watch it here.
  • Glassnode released a newsletter titled, Defi Uncovered: Experimental Lending Platforms, where they introduced Liquity and how it works. Read it here.
  • The Defiant released a tutorial covering how to take out an interest free loan using Liquity. Watch it here.
  • DeFi Llama published DeFi Deep Dive #7: Liquity, where they covered Liquity, how it works, and how it handled the 5/19 crash. Read it here.
  • We published A Beginner’s Guide to Trove Management, which covers the basics of managing a Liquity Trove. Read it here.

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