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Liquity — Weekly Wrap Up #12

Liquity — Weekly Wrap Up #12

Kolten Bergeron

July 19, 2021

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up, a weekly series where I go over all of the highlights in the Liquity ecosystem. This issue covers the week of 7/12–7/18.

What is Liquity? Liquity is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to draw 0% interest loans against Ether used as collateral. Learn more.

System Overview

Source: Dune Analytics
  • Last week one of Liquity’s infamous whales closed a large Trove, causing TVL to shrink, but making room for new users in the Stability Pool. Also highlighted in the chart above, Stability Pool dominance for LUSD usage dropped by around 7% after the whale closed their Trove.
Source: Dune Analytics
  • Despite the drop in TVL, overall usage wasn’t directly affected as new Troves (blue bars above) are being created at a similar pace to new ETH Vaults on Maker. Both of which have slowed a bit due to recent market conditions.
Source: Dune Analytics
  • Stability Providers, we now have a panel on the Liquity dashboard that tracks weekly gains for the Stability Pool (as seen above). You can find it using the link below.
  • Find more system stats here.


  • Rewards for the Saddle D4 Pool are live. Users can now stake their D4 Pool LP tokens to earn LQTY, FXS, ALCX, and TRIBE all at once. Find the staking interface here.
  • Instadapp governance passed the proposal to integrate Liquity. After the technical side of the integration is complete, Instadapp users will be able to borrow LUSD, deposit to the Stability Pool, and much more. See the results here.
  • The crvLUSD Yearn Vault is part of PowerIndex’s Yearn Lazy Ape Index. The Yearn Lazy Ape Index is a diversified cashflow-generating portfolio of Yearn Vaults LP tokens with dynamically adjusted weights according to TVL. Use it here.


  • Liquity CEO and Founder, Robert Lauko, joined the Economics Design podcast to discuss Liquity’s economic mechanisms, our non-governance approach, and more. Listen here.
  • Last week I posted the Liquity Newsletter for June 2021. It covers integrations updates, content updates, and everything else from June. Read it here.
  • Our Community Manager, Derrick, posted a tutorial covering how to use your crvLUSD on Element Finance — a protocol for earning fixed rate yield. Read it here.
  • Derrick also posted a tutorial covering how to earn rewards with the Saddle D4 Pool . He walks through liquidity provision and staking via the Frax interface. Read it here.

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