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Liquity — Weekly Wrap Up #5

Liquity — Weekly Wrap Up #5

Kolten Bergeron

May 17, 2021

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up, a weekly series where I go over all of the highlights in the Liquity ecosystem. This issue covers the week of 5/10–5/16.

What is Liquity? Liquity is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to draw 0% interest loans against Ether used as collateral. Learn more.

System Overview

  • With the recent ETH price drops causing a decrease in TVL, LUSD supply has stayed relatively stable (1.48B) as Liquity’s borrowers remained risk-off during the ETH price rise.
  • Liquity has 953.8K ETH locked — $3.37B as of 5/17.
  • Heading into 5/17, Liquity had its largest set of redemptions totaling over $5M — generating ~12.6 ETH in fees for LQTY stakers. These redemptions have pushed the borrowing fee to ~0.69%. More on redemptions here.
  • Find more system stats here.



  • Liquity’s CEO and Founder, Robert Lauko, participated in the DeFi Pulse series, Founder Fireside Chats, where he answered a few questions about Liquity and the crypto space more broadly. Read it here.
  • Last week, Robert and I joined DeFi Slate to cover the basics of Liquity and how to use it. Watch Tap in Tuesday here.
  • One of Liquity’s earliest investors, Tomahawk.VC, released the second episode of their behind the scenes look at Liquity’s launch — LIQUITY’S LAUNCH ON ETHEREUM [VC Diaries #3: Part Two of the Liquity Launch].
  • Community moderator, Derrick, created a diagram illustrating how Wasabix Finance’s LUSD strategy works. View it here.
  • Community member, Adam Maj, wrote a piece describing the many ways users can interact with Liquity while explaining potential risks. Read it here.
  • Last week, TokenBrice released the DeFi money markets cookbook. This article explains and illustrates some strategies to take advantage of, including a Liquity strategy. Read it here.

Resources: Website | Twitter | Discord | Github | Reddit | Liquity 中文社區