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LUSD / OHM Liquidity Mining

LUSD / OHM Liquidity Mining

Kolten Bergeron

October 5, 2021

The co-incentivized LUSD / OHM Sushiswap pool is now live and will be eligible for liquidity mining rewards over the next 35 days (Oct. 6, 2021 - Nov. 10, 2021). There is $400,000 in combined rewards allocated to the pool. 

  • Users can mint a Crucible and earn LQTY, OHM, and MIST on their Sushiswap LUSD / OHM LP positions through Alchemist’s Aludel rewards program here.
  • Minting a Crucible is an important first step to participating in the rewards program and a guide is available here.
  • Users can deposit to the LUSD / OHM Sushiswap pool here

LUSD reserve bonds (our first collaboration with OlympusDAO) went live on 9/22 and have represented a meaningful portion of Olympus bond volume:

After seeing the significant demand for LUSD bonds, we’re excited to move forward with the second stage of our collaboration with OlympusDAO. This involves the new, co-incentivized LUSD / OHM pool mentioned above and LUSD / OHM LP bonds which are now live. Learn more about Olympus here

Happy farming and happy bonding!

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