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Spend LUSD with the Mover Card

Spend LUSD with the Mover Card

May 17, 2022

Thanks to Mover, we're thrilled to announce that LUSD is now easier than ever to spend for purchases.

Mover is an exciting project at the convergence of DeFi, NFT, and banking. It provides its users with a "Beautiful Card" that can be funded from their Mover account with various tokens, including LUSD.

On top of the card, Mover provides additional synergetic services, including a USDC-based saving system, where users can deposit and get an optimized yield on their stablecoins thanks to automatic rebalancing between different yield sources.  

Getting a Mover Card

To get a Mover card, one must connect a non-custodial wallet (such as MetaMask, CoinBase Wallet, or any other through WalletConnect) with the Mover web app. The "Beautiful Card" can then be ordered by any resident of the EEA: the 28 countries of the European Union and the UK, Norway, and Iceland.

Requirements and fees

Like usual for crypto debit cards, the users also need to go through a KYC process and be able to prove their address of residence.

Ordering the "Beautiful Card" costs 9€, with a 15€ yearly management fee. However, topping up the card is free of any additional charges. The balance on the mover card is denominated in €; additional fees apply to spend different currencies.

Mover + LUSD

Once set up, one can use the Mover card just like any other Visa card for regular PIN+Chip transactions, contactless payments, and online purchases.

Those looking for more information on how to spend their LUSD on the Mover card can check the dedicated FAQ article provided by Mover.

Mover is moving fast with big plans, this article was just an overlook focused on relevant information for LUSD holders. To learn more about Mover, feel free to check their Knowledge Center providing details on numerous parts of the service not covered in this recap.