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Visor Finance Launches LQTY Hypervisor

Visor Finance Launches LQTY Hypervisor

Kolten Bergeron

November 1, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Visor Finance has launched a Hypervisor for the LQTY/ETH pair on Uniswap V3 — allowing LPs to better optimize their positions. To get started, head over to the Visor Finance dashboard here

What is Visor Finance? 

Visor Finance creates vaults that connect to Hypervisors which allow LPs to access hands off liquidity management strategies for Uniswap V3. When Uniswap V3 introduced liquidity ranges, it allowed LPs to concentrate their liquidity in order to capture more volume and thus more fees. However, implementing such a strategy can be time consuming and requires specialized knowledge. Visor Finance makes this process easy by implementing strategies for you in an attempt to optimize yield for LPs. 

Visor Dashboard

Benefits for LQTY Liquidity

Since most of LQTY’s liquidity exists on Uniswap V3, ensuring that LPs can have the best experience benefits not only Liquity’s community and users, but also LQTY’s liquidity. Visor Finance can ensure that liquidity is placed in the appropriate ranges and make the experience for LPs and speculators significantly better. 

What’s next? 

To learn more, check out Visor Finance’s resources here: 

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