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Frontend Operators

Coming Q1 2021

Frontend Operators provide a web interface to the end-user, connecting them to the Liquity protocol and receiving LQTY rewards in return.

Decentralized front ends

Liquity AG is not running its own frontend — making the system more decentralized and censorship-resistant. Instead, the project is leaning on the ecosystem to bootstrap access to the protocol.

To open loans, make deposits etc., users thus have to use one of the frontends provided by third parties. By connecting users to Liquity, frontends can earn LQTY rewards distributed by the protocol.

How does it work?

The protocol pays out LQTY rewards pro rata to users who deposit LUSD to the Stability Pool. Frontend Operators can receive a portion of these rewards by tagging deposits facilitated by their interface and specifying the percentage of LQTY to “kickback” to their users.

The revenue generated by a frontend grows proportionally with the total amount of LUSD deposited by its users to the Stability Pool.

To learn more check our Frontends FAQ.

Coming Soon

Anybody with some web space and technical understanding can become a Frontend Operator.

Launch kit

You download a launch kit from GitHub provided by us (similar to 0x Protocol’s launch kit). This can be done by cloning the repository or using Docker. This will typically be done by power users and not so technical people, maybe enthusiasts.


You use our technical documentation (SDK) and the middleware library we provide to create your own front end application. We assume that wallet and integrator services like Zerion.io, InstaDapp or DeFiSaver will do this and integrate our protocol in their existing platform.

Coming Q1 2021

Active Frontend Operators will be listed here

  • Liquity AG has not entered into any form of cooperation with Frontend Operators.

  • The list of Frontend Operators is provided for informational purposes only. Neither is the list conclusive, nor has Liquity AG conducted any due diligence on these operators. Accordingly, Liquity AG does not make any statement regarding technical functionality and/or the trustworthiness of the Frontend Operators listed below.