Liquity is LIVE on Ethereum mainnet!
Happy Birthday Liquity & First CeFi Clients Access DeFi Credit‍

Happy Birthday Liquity & First CeFi Clients Access DeFi Credit‍

Bojan Peček

May 5, 2022

Liquity turned 1 on April 5th :) and achieved some impressive milestones: 

We are on a mission to further grow the user base and make $LUSD a household stablecoin. We’re also working on a few new ideas - stay tuned.

Liquity Adoption

The first DeFi native loan paid out in cash to a non-DeFi user! 

  • Bitcoin Suisse rolled out its DeFi offering. Their clients will have direct access to credit via Liquity (see announcement).
  • It’s a first showcase of our efforts to drive institutional adoption. This is an important market, especially in an environment of increasing interest rates.
  • Bitcoin Suisse is the biggest Swiss custodian with $5b+ assets under management.

DeFi Integrations

  • DeFi Saver released a very useful stop-loss protection. It's a trustless way to auto-close positions at pre-configured prices in order to avoid liquidation.
  • Beanstalk Farms have added $LUSD as the first external stablecoin. Unfortunately, there was a governance exploit shortly after. The Bean community is however working on a fundraiser for the re-launch. - check our Twitter Space below for details.

Liquity Coverage & News

  • The Bank of International Settlement invited Robert to the panel DeFi - Present and Future”, co-hosted by the Swiss National Bank. Co-panelists were Wenqian Huang (BIS), Michael Egorov (Curve) and Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich).
  • Our Q1 2022 report has been published
  • Footprint Analytics featured Robert in an AMA about Liquity
  • TokenTerminal did 15’ breakdown of Liquity with Michael
  • The well known YT-channel Money & Macro did a stream with Rick. They discussed Liquity, $LUSD and decentralized money
  • The International Token Standardization Association posted a deep-dive article about Liquity
  • DevConnect Amsterdam has been awesome! Our team was there and Robert had a presentation on stablecoins on DeFi Day. He was also judging the EthGlobal Hackathon 
  • Beanstalk joined us for an AMA with Bojan. We discussed their fundraiser and future plans regarding Liquity and $LUSD
  • Reanblock started a technical deep dive series about Liquity on Youtube
  • Last but not least :)

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