Liquity is LIVE on Ethereum mainnet!
Liquity Newsletter — March 2021, Launch Edition

Liquity Newsletter — March 2021, Launch Edition

Kolten Bergeron

April 6, 2021

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Development Updates

🚀 Liquity is now live on Ethereum main net!

As of yesterday (4/5), users can borrow LUSD against their ETH, deposit LUSD to the Stability Pool, earn LQTY rewards, stake LQTY, and stake Uniswap LUSD:ETH LP tokens to earn LQTY.

Find the full launch announcement here.

Before interacting with Liquity, please catch up by reading our FAQ and familiarizing yourself with a third party frontend — there’s some already listed on the frontend registry. The list of Frontend Operators is provided for informational purposes only. Neither is the list conclusive, nor has Liquity AG conducted any due diligence on these operators.

It’s been a long road towards launch and we couldn’t be more excited to get Liquity into the hands of users and builders alike. I don’t want to spend too much time rehashing our launch announcement , so I’ll move on to the rest of the updates!

Series A Fundraise

On 3/29 we announced our $6M Series A fundraise led by Pantera Capital with follow on investments from Nima Capital, Alameda Research,, IOSG, AngelDAO, and others.

We also received backing from an amazing group of angels including Bo Shen, Meltem Demirors, David Hoffmann, Calvin Liu, George Lambeth, and many more. Lastly, we’d like to thank and recognize Tomahawk.VC, 1kx, and Lemniscap for their continued support during this round.

Full announcement here.

Ecosystem / Content Update

Resources: Website | Twitter | Discord | Github | Reddit | Liquity 中文社區