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Liquity Newsletter — October 2021

Liquity Newsletter — October 2021

Kolten Bergeron

November 2, 2021

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Protocol Overview
  • After the launch of our collaboration with OlympusDAO, LUSD’s utilization is more diverse than ever. More LUSD is starting to enter circulation and find other use cases, bringing Stability Pool dominance to an all time low of ~66%. The two most noticeable increases from the past month are LUSD’s presence within the Olympus treasury and within Sushiswap.
  • Liquity’s number of active Troves has been in a consistent uptrend for the past several months. This month we crossed the all time high number of active Troves set in May and seem to be on pace to keep trekking upward. This level of growth as been a healthy sign of Liquity’s stickiness among users.
  • It wouldn’t be a proper Halloween weekend (at least in the U.S.) without a bit of craziness. On 10/30 we saw the highest volume of redemptions since launch, which increased Liquity’s borrowing fee to the maximum of 5%. The full details of this sequence of events are a bit murky and we hope to release a blog post soon going through all the details. Stay tuned!

Team Update

We’re excited to announce that Michael Svoboda has joined our team as COO!

Before joining Liquity, Michael was previously Co-founder and CEO at atpar AG. The startup advised several DeFi projects (such as e.g. BarnBridge) and has built a digital securities solution for institutional clients. Before, he consulted enterprises in their digital transformation at Swisscom and was then COO of a blockchain startup. He has 20+ years experience in building digital products and a background in computer science and economics.

Integration Updates

  • The LUSD / WETH pool on Sushiswap has been added to the Onsen rewards program. Users can now provide liquidity and earn SUSHI rewards. Add liquidity here
  • LUSD bonds are live on OlympusDAO, which allow users to buy OHM at a discount with LUSD. Utilize bonds here
  • B.Protocol has launched additional BPRO liquidity mining incentives on top of their Stability Pool integration. Learn how to deposit here.
  • Hats Finance has launched a Liquity Vault, which offers a continuous bug bounty for Liquity. Learn more here
  • now offers insurance for Liquity users. Learn about it here
  • A co-incentivized LUSD/OHM Sushiswap pool is live (but will soon end). Participants can earn LQTY, OHM, and MIST. Announcement here.
  • OlympusDAO’s TAP-5 has passed. This proposal will allow the DAO to deposit their LUSD to the Stability Pool and stake their earned LQTY. Read it here and view the voting results here.
  • The Liquity Fuse Pool is now available on Rari. Users can now supply / borrow LUSD and other stablecoins from this market. Find it here
  • LUSD is now integrated with ForgingBlock’s payment gateway. Users and merchants can utilize peer-to-peer payments in LUSD for goods and services. Learn more here.

Content Updates

  • Derrick published a tutorial covering how to use Liquity on Instadapp and earn INST rewards. Read it here
  • Instadapp’s JavaScript SDK opens up new opportunities for Liquity Frontend Operators by allowing them to interact with Instadapp DSAs. Learn how to integrate here.
  • Partner at Lemniscap, Shaishav, posted a Twitter thread covering why he believes Liquity’s Stability Pool is one of his favorite ETH long strategies available in the DeFi space today. Read it here
  • Derrick published a tutorial covering how to use the LUSD / OHM pool with Alchemist’s Crucible to earn rewards. Read it here
  • Liquity is now ranked in the top 3 by DeFi Safety, which is an independent ratings organization that evaluates the security of DeFi protocols. View the results here
  • AngelDAO posted a video that covers how to run a Liquity frontend with B.Protocol’s integration. Watch it here
  • Instadapp users can now deposit their LUSD to B.Protocol’s Stability Pool integration. Details here
  • Last week Derrick published a tutorial describing how to use LUSD on OlympusDAO. Read it here.  
  • DeFi Analyst, Korpi, posted a thread discussing LQTY’s value relative to its peers in the DeFi space. Read it here.
  • An awesome user opened a Trove to buy a house, view the tweet here

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