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Liquity Newsletter — November 2021

Liquity Newsletter — November 2021

Kolten Bergeron

December 1, 2021

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Protocol Overview
  • In last month’s newsletter, we covered how the OlympusDAO collaboration made LUSD’s utilization more diverse than ever. We recently had two more major projects enter the mix: Fei Protocol and Synthetix. At time of writing, they have accumulated a combined ~125m LUSD! While Fei has hit their target of 100m LUSD, Synthetix can take on ~25m more LUSD before they reach their cap. More details below on how Synthetix is using LUSD.
  • Throughout November, > 250m LUSD was minted — making November one of Liquity’s most explosive growth periods. LUSD’s total supply is now at an all-time-high of ~930m since the 5/19 Flash Crash, with 1b in sight as we head towards the end of the year.
  • Due to the recent increase in LUSD demand and borrowing activity, Liquity generated ~$2.5m in revenue for LQTY stakers this past month and we’ve hit $25m in total revenue since launch!
  • Speaking of revenue for Liquity users: Dani, our Dune wizard and developer, added historical APR data for the Stability Pool and LQTY staking to the main dashboard here

Integration Updates

  • Visor Finance launched a Hypervisor for the LQTY-ETH pair on Uniswap V3. This gives LPs access to a hands-off, optimized LP position. Announcement here
  • Coinbase Custody now supports deposits and withdrawals for LQTY. Learn more here
  • LUSD has been added to Tetranode’s Locker (Fuse Pool 6) and ChainLinkGod’s / Tetranode’s Up Only (Fuse Pool 7) on Rari Capital. Use it here
  • Synthetix’s LUSD/sUSD wrapper contract is now live, which means LUSD can be used to mint sUSD on Optimism. Guide here
  • Fei Protocol’s proposal to acquire $100M LUSD through a Balancer auction passed and is now complete. Balancer Pool here
  • DeFi Saver overhauled their Loan Shifter, making it easier for their users to move loans between Liquity and other supported protocols. More info here
  • We posted a proposal to add an LUSD market on Compound. Read and discuss here
  • Community contributor, Ramaruro, posted a proposal on Abracadabra’s forum to use B.Protocol Stability Pool deposits as collateral. Read and discuss here
  • APY.Finance has integrated Liquity and users can now deposit to get exposure to their Curve LUSD+3Pool strategy. Learn more here.

Content Updates

  • Derrick published a tutorial for using LQTY on Visor Finance. Read it here
  • Our Co-Founder, Rick, and Head of Growth, Kolten, joined Chainlink’s Tech Talk on Thursday, Oct. 28. Watch the discussion here
  • On Thursday, Nov. 4, members from OlympusDAO joined us on Liquity Live for a discussion about OHM, why they like LUSD, and more. Watch it here
  • On Thursday, Nov. 11, members from Visor Finance joined us on Liquity Live for a discussion about Uniswap V3, their Hypervisor product, the LQTY-ETH Hypervisor, and more. Watch it here
  • On Monday, Nov. 15, I joined the Agora Podcast to discuss all things Liquity and OlympusDAO. Listen here
  • Joey, Founder of Fei Protocol, tweeted a thread on our plans to innovate the Liquity Fuse Pool on Rari Capital. Thread here.
  • Another awesome person took out a loan using Liquity to buy a car. View the tweet here.
  • TokenBrice wrote an in-depth blog post covering Liquity and its ecosystem in French (EN version soon). Share the tweet here and read the blog here

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