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Liquity — Weekly Wrap Up #19

Liquity — Weekly Wrap Up #19

Derrick Nguyen

November 8, 2021

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up, a weekly series where we go over all of the highlights within the Liquity ecosystem. This issue covers the week of 11/1–11/7. 

What is Liquity? Liquity is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to draw 0% interest loans against Ether used as collateral. Learn more.

System Overview
  • Through October 31 to November 1, redemption volume hit an all-time-high resulting in ~30 Troves being affected and the borrowing fee reaching its ceiling (blog post with more info coming soon). While this isn’t ideal, the situation is much calmer now and the Trove count has returned to smashing its previous ATH records.
  • In addition to the Trove count growing, LUSD’s supply excluding the Stability Pool is at its highest levels since 5/19. This is a positive sign and represents the growth of LUSD within meaningful DeFi integrations.
  • We always cover LUSD growth and protocol growth, but there’s a new development worth mentioning: LQTY liquidity on Uniswap V3 is at an all-time-high! Since Visor Finance integrated the primary LQTY-ETH pair on November 1, we’ve seen consistent growth in liquidity as its the first worthy competitor to LQTY staking in terms of APR. More details below for Visor Finance.


  • Visor Finance launched a Hypervisor for the LQTY-ETH pair on Uniswap V3. This gives LPs access to a hands-off, optimized LP position. Announcement here
  • Coinbase Custody now supports deposits and withdrawals for LQTY. Learn more here
  • Fei Protocol posted FIP-41 to acquire $100M LUSD through a Balancer auction. Forum post here and Snapshot Voting here
  • Kain, Founder of Synthetix, put out a bounty for 500 SNX in exchange for a working LUSD bridge to Optimism. Given the importance and urgency, we’ve decided to match that bounty with 500 LQTY. Learn more here
  • LUSD has been added to Tetranode’s Locker (Fuse Pool 6) and ChainLinkGod’s / Tetranode’s Up Only (Fuse Pool 7) on Rari Capital. Use it here


  • I published a tutorial for using LQTY on Visor Finance. Read it here
  • Our Co-Founder, Rick, and Head of Growth, Kolten, joined Chainlink’s Tech Talk on Thursday, Oct. 28. Watch the discussion here
  • On Thursday, Nov. 4, members from OlympusDAO joined us on Liquity Live for a discussion about OHM, why they like LUSD, and more. Watch it here

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